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Electrical assessment, Contact us.

Our electrical assessment is an intricate part of any Electrical Maintenance Program. We provide insight on the state of your electrical equipment. Our reports form a list of your assets, images within the report provide as baseline to which future reports can be compared easily identifying changes that could lead to possible failure.

  • Commercial Building and Industrial Electrical Systems

  • Transmission and Distribution Utility Equipment

  • Utility Substations and Power Generation

  • High-Voltage Indoor Switchgear

Flat roof assessment, Contact us.

Our infrared roof moisture inspections cover a wide variety of roofing structures.

  • Low Slope Insulated Roof Systems

  • Built-up Gravel Roofing

  • Modified Cap Sheet Roofs

  • Single-ply Membrane Roofs

  • Sprayed Foam Roofs

Building Envelope Inspection,Contact us.

Hindsight Infrared performs building envelope inspections to help identify trapped moisture, structural defects in stucco and concrete building materials, and energy losses. Our imagery makes it difficult for moisture buildup to hide behind exterior walls.

Vertical Walls and Windows

  • Water Intrusion

  • De-bonding of Stucco / Concrete / Industrial Coatings

  • Energy Losses / Insulation Issues

  • Interior Leak Investigations

Construction Scans, lets talk

Hindsight Infrared also offers construction phase inspections for new structures. Our imagery reveals vulnerable spots prior to painting and waterproofing. The same technology we use for maintenance inspections can also serve as an investigative tool for legal actions associated with faulty construction .

Mechanical Inspections,Contact us.

Industrial Machinery – Bearings, Rollers, Couplings, Motors

  • Conveyor Systems – Rollers, Belts, Motors

  • Insulated Process Equipment

  • Storage Tanks